What you can learn from your Jathakam

Jathakam is the blue print of life. It is as unique as a thumbprint. By interpreting it correctly, you can get to know your destiny and the problems you might face during your lifetime. This will help you to take the necessary actions to ensure a better and successful future.

  • Predictions on personality, marriage, career, property and much more
  • Remedies like mantras, yanthras, dresses to wear and fasting practices
  • Favorable periods for career, marriage, house construction, business
  • Transit Forecast to know more about your next five years
  • Yogas for Health, wealth, prosperity and much more
  • AshtakaVarga Predictions
  • 60 pages Super Horoscope report in PDF format

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About Jathakam.org

Jathakam.org is a revolutionary website to help the Vedic Astrology believers around the world. With us, making your horoscope is very simple. Just submit the birth details. You are bound to foresee your exact future clearly well with the trusted LifeSign calculations. We’ll let you know how the stars are oriented so as to decide your destiny. With more precise mathematical manipulations, the LifeSign horoscopes, over many decades, have acquired the faith of customers all over the world. What we offer is not simply a clear sketch of your future ups and downs, but also curatives to avert stuffs that may hinder the smooth course of your life – the pariharas. The precise and honest Jathakam report has made many know their lives, beforehand!

Time and technology has advanced so much that it was in the dim past that you had to wait for months and months together to get a manually calculated and written horoscope from an astrologer.

Just submit the birth details and get your horoscope in 48 hours with far more precision.

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