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 Jathakam are the finest method to find out what your stars have in store for you. The geometrical arrangement of the skies at the moment a child is born is the basis of the Vedic horoscope. By reading horoscopes for their sun sign, we will be able to discover everything we need to know about the events that will occur in life.

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  • Bhava Predictions
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  • Favourable Periods for Marriage


  • Bhava Predictions
  • Dasha / Apahara Periods for Business
  • Favourable Periods for Business


  • Panchanga Predictions
  • Special Combination of the Planets (YOGA)
  • Bhava Predictions


  • Bhava Predictions
  • Dasha / Apahara Periods for House Construction
  • Favourable Periods House Construction


  • Bhava Predictions
  • Ashtakavarga Predictions
  • Sarvashtakavarga Predictions

About Jathakam

The Jathakam, or birth chart, is a celestial blueprint of our planetary positions at the specific time of our birth. As per astrological belief, the placements of planets at the moment of birth have an influence on our personality types, interests, and character traits all through our lives. As a result, Jathakam is essential for gaining a comprehensive insight into our life, as well as for improving our lives. is a pioneering website aimed at assisting Vedic Astrology followers all around the world. Generating a customized horoscope is simple with us. Just submit the birth details. With the reliable LifeSign calculations, you’ll be capable of seeing your precise future evidently. We provide online Jathakam in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English that tells you how the stars are aligned to determine your fate.

online Jathakam in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English


An indepth jathakam is the most comprehensive Super Horoscope with Remedies! It’s a detailed astrological report that predicts an individual’s personality, education, profession, fortune, health, relationship, and family, among other things. The birth chart is created following Vedic Astrology rules and is based on your distinctive planetary alignments. It analyses your fundamental physical and psychological characteristics, offers forecasts and solutions, and enables you to anticipate your future.

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Happy clients say about us

Do you have any idea what’s in store for you? Like what does your future hold for you? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could at least know the future or just have a glimpse at it on the events that awaits you. Well now you can. It isn’t any fiction or some “tantric mantric exotic” procedure that’s been shown in the movies and media rather an ancient method to see the Jathakam. It lets you know what you are destined for, any ill incidents that’s going to affect you in future and the procedures helping in removing any negativities existing in your future. We at Jathakam, as the name signifies, focus on the same ancient scientific process of defining your destiny with your stars and horoscope, thereby providing an idea of the future that holds for you.

What is Jathakam?

Jathakam is an important part of Vedic astrology, which is itself a crucial aspect of the Vedic tradition—an ancient and holistic spiritual and scientific system from India that dates back over 5,000 years. Unlike Western astrology, which primarily focuses on the Sun signs, Vedic astrology is a more detailed scientific system that considers a variety of astronomical and mathematical equations into human lives.

Origins and Tradition

The practice of Jathakam originates from sacred texts known as the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, composed in ancient Sanskrit. These texts cover various disciplines, from philosophy and rituals to medicine and astronomy. It specifically draws from the “Jyotisha Shastra,” the Vedic system of astrology, which is considered a science of understanding the cycles of time and their influence on an individual. It mainly focuses on the prediction of the development of an individual through a horoscopic chart.

Creating a horoscopic chart

To create an astrologer requires precise details regarding even the minute details that at times we tend to leave or forget , for example even the precise time of birth decides the future of the baby. So details like the time of birth, date of birth and the place of the birth initiates a well precise horoscopic report. With these details, the astrologer calculates the positions of planets and the signs that occur at the time of birth, resulting in the creation of a birth chart—a complex diagram that maps out the positions of celestial bodies, which are believed to influence an individual’s life path and possibly an accurate future.

Understanding the Chart

The chart created is divided into twelve houses, where each house represents different aspects of life such as personality, family, wealth, health, and marriage, in brief the twelve houses in the horoscopic chart represents the all round individuality. The positions of the planets in these houses, their aspects, their angles of interaction of the stars and signs, and the zodiac signs they occupy all play a significant role in determining the traits and life events of an individual. Here’s what it can reveal:

  • Strengths: This is regarding an individual’s skill sets, talents and the area where he/ she is the best at.
  • Challenges: Mainly people look at horoscope charts for the challenges, through this people will get to know the possible challenges and hurdles that they have to incur in their quest to live.
  • Opportunities: Focussing on the opportunities in the stall for you. Favourable periods for career growth, relationships, financial investments, and personal development.

The Purpose

The ultimate goal of Jathakam is not just to predict the future, rather it helps in offering a deeper understanding of one’s inherent nature and life’s potential. It provides guidance that helps individuals make informed decisions and use their free will more effectively to manage their karma (actions) and dharma (life’s duty).

In this way, it serves as more than just a predictive tool—it is a guide for personal and spiritual development, helping individuals align with their life’s purpose and achieve their full potential.

How Does It Work?

Our expert astrologers analyze the positions of planets and stars at your birth to predict key events and phases in your life. This isn’t about fortune-telling but understanding the cosmic influences that shape your personal and professional life. With a precise horoscope, you gain insights into:

  • Career predictions: What is the career you will be better fitted into and when should you move into a new career?
  • Relationship predictions : What kind of partner the individual is suitable for and any events that’s going to be a turnaround in the couple’s lives.
  • Health Forecasts: A heads up on your health and incidents that are going to affect your health in the future.
  • Personal Growth: Focussing on the individuals growth, the field of interest that the individual should focus on, the place where the individual can prosper and the time that reaps fortune.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means opting for a service that respects tradition and embraces accuracy. Our astrologers are not only scholars of ancient texts but also practitioners who have devoted their lives to helping others navigate their futures. Every consultation is tailored to your unique astrological chart, getting your required info can help the executives to deliver you a perfect jathakam with precise predictions. Our executives make sure that your privacy is paramount, and all consultations are being done with utmost care and understanding of personal circumstances. Just like the two sides of a coin, it has predictions as well as remedies, we offer remedies and practical advice to enhance positive outcomes and mitigate challenges.

Services Offered

We provide the all round prediction for an individual focussing on the development and growth of the individual, to make this happen we have come up with services that were historically handed down from our ancestors. They are:

  • Reading of the Natal Chart

This is the main service, which includes a thorough examination of the person’s natal chart. Understanding a person’s personality, skills, limitations, and potential in life is possible through this reading. It’s a thorough summary of a person’s life path that includes information on relationships, employment, and health.

  • Analyzing Compatibility

This service analyzes two people’s birth charts and is frequently used to evaluate connections, particularly those involving marriage or partnerships. It assesses the possible advantages and difficulties in their partnership, assisting them in determining the likelihood of a synchronization of energies.

  • Forecast for the Year (Varshaphala)

Based on the planets’ transits, this service offers a yearly prediction. Predictions and advice are provided for the upcoming year, emphasizing noteworthy occasions, advantageous times, and possible difficulties. This assists customers in making well-informed plans of action and decisions about investments, job changes, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Professional Horoscope

This service helps customers understand their astrological strengths and obstacles in relation to their career, with a special focus on the professional world. It can advise whether to take big actions, launch new projects, or promotions.

  • Astrology for Health

This service looks at the sections of a birth chart that represent times of vulnerability, possible physical issues, and health trends. In an effort to promote and preserve wellbeing, it provides guidance on lifestyle modifications and when to schedule medical procedures.

  • Remedial Actions

Vedic astrology provides a range of corrective actions based on the difficulties indicated in the birth chart, which may be used to reduce negative impacts or increase favorable outcomes. These might be suggested gemstones, certain rituals, or adjustments to one’s way of life.

  • Horoscopes for Children and Childbirth

With the use of this service, parents may better guide their child’s upbringing and educational route by understanding their child’s potential and obstacles through birth chart analysis.

  • Astrology for Spirit

a more spiritual and esoteric service that looks at the karmic and spiritual aspects of a person’s chart. This might include life purpose insights and instruction on spiritual activities.

  • Educational astroloty

Educational Astrology assists customers in selecting the best learning and academic pathways based on their astrological alignments, especially those who are younger.

Experience the Clarity of Ancient Wisdom

Embrace the wisdom that has guided and conserved the interests of millions across centuries. Schedule your personal Jathakam session today and take control of your destiny. Because knowing your future isn’t just about seeing what happens—it’s about shaping it with proper guidance.