Astrology and Human Life

Each individual has a unique set of characteristics defined by the time and star positions at the time of the person’s birth. Astrology is the ancient stream of thought that define the way each human being lives his/her life. The importance of astrology lies in the direct influence that the planets, moon, sun, and stars play in our lives. The knowledge of these influences is used to remove uncertainties and provide the right direction in every aspect of life be it in health, education, marriage, career or finance.

Janma Nakshatra

The identification of the Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star) at the time of a person’s birth is the primary factor that defines the characteristics of that person. As per astrological thinking, a constellation of stars have an impact on our mind at the time of our birth. There are a total of 27 stars and each star has a symbol, deity and planet associated with it. The lunar placement in the birth chart determines the birth star governing an individual. A person’s personality is defined by this – his/her beliefs, skills, personality traits, etc.

Janma Rashi and Horoscope Prediction

The other factor that defines a person’s characteristics is the Janma Rashi (Birth Moon Sign) at the time of the person’s birth. This is the position of the moon at the time of the person’s birth. Taking into account the accurate time, date and place of birth, various aspects of an individual can be analyzed which are then recorded as the horoscope of the person. Horoscope reading and prediction is one major branch of astrology. The use of horoscopes is a defining part of the lives of many people as an accurate reading can help gain valuable insights on the future important events and moves that can happen in a person’s life. Based on the expert reading and interpretation of the horoscope, it is possible to propose changes that an individual has to make in his/her approach and behavior as well as provide advice on the necessary remedial measures that need to be taken to mitigate the negative effects. Today, with the advancement of technology, many astrologers use computers to perform the complex astrological calculations that are required to create a horoscope and perform its prediction.

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Horoscope Matching and Marriage Compatibility

One of the important events for which a horoscope is put to use is to match horoscopes and check the compatibility of two people to have a successful marriage. The birth or natal chart of the persons wishing to marry is taken into consideration for horoscope matching in order to know the celestial influence on the martial life and what remedial measures need to be taken to nullify any bad effects after marriage. Horoscope matching also helps in checking the compatibility of the couple for a happy married life. The compatibility of a couple is calculated by studying and analyzing the placement of the planets. Only if the astrologer can match horoscopes and advise that the marrying couple are compatible and will have a successful marriage, will the two families proceed with the marriage.

Career Prediction

Another important life event that astrology plays a role is in career prediction. By analyzing the birth chart of an individual and the planetary placements, an astrologer can provide guidance towards a career path that is right for him/her in future and best suited. Accurate horoscope reading can also make it possible for astrologers to prescribe appropriate remedial solutions in order to help achieve the preferred career objectives. With the help of career predictions, individuals can gain insights as to what type of career is best suited according to his/her traits and take the appropriate steps at the right time for career success.
Understanding the importance of astrology and the role it plays in transforming our lives will help us to plan for the future and take effective measures that will be beneficial.