Career Guidance through Jathakam: Discovering Your Professional Destiny

Do you know that Jathakam can clearly display your professional career destiny? Yes! You read that right. An indepth jathakam analysis 10th house in your Kundli, its relations with other houses and planets and its lord. This provides you with the name of the planet that rules your career destiny. 

You can obtain Online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi and predict if you are going to become a doctor or an architect. This will assist you in choosing the right career paths and avoiding blunders in your life. Let’s dive in to find out your career horoscope

Professional Career Predictions Using Planets in Astrology

The following planet’s strong presence determines the following kinds of jobs you can achieve in your life:

Sun Dominated Professional Career

Leo is owned by “Sun” which signifies that sub-dominated birth charts achieve prestigious or authoritarian jobs. It includes government sectors, law and order, commision and brokerage, forest department, municipal corporation and administrator. Other varying fields include physician, manager, and owner kind of professions.

Mars Dominated Professional Career

Mars ruling signifies courageous and fighting characteristics of a person who are suitable for commanding jobs. So, this planet’s action leads people towards the police, and army sectors. Other prominent sectors are gym, restaurants, raw material developments, chemist, surgeons, engineering related chores, wrestling, metallurgy, butchery, etc.

Moon Dominated Professional Career

Moon indicates the blooming or mass government sectors, productivity and nursing profession. Other prestigious posts include music, fine arts, herbs, para-medical staff, caterers, dairy owners, environmental sciences, plants nursery, journalism, cloth, navy, sports, agriculture, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacy, medicines, mechanical engineering, traveling, import and export and marine.


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Jupiter Dominated Professional Career

Since Jupiter usually remains the owner of Pisces and Sagittarius, it signifies careers in finance, education, astrology, religious-heads, scholars and priests. Moreover, the planet is the master in furnishing jobs in the judgment related sectors including ministers concerning the development of the nation, judges, biotechnology, editors, lawyers, etc. Jupiter strives to win over hearts by extreme wisdom and hence enjoy posts of excellent teachers or professors.

Mercury Dominated Professional Career

Mercury is the indication of education, analyzation, and reasoning. Whoever is related to the field of communication, lies on this planet. Hence, the job sectors include editors, web designing, CA, computer-related, astrology, journalism, BPO, clerk posts, teaching, press, printing, publishing, book sellers and writing. Even great astrologers enjoy a strong presence of mercury in their birth charts.

Venus Dominated Professional Career

Venus is also known as the God of love, hence it laid emphasis on areas relating to sex, entertainment, and beauty. All artistic careers are found in Kundlis influenced by Venus including astrology, painting, computer animation, botany, graphic designer, architect, flower-seller, receptionist, photographer, stage performer, personal secretary, cartoonist, furniture, fashion designer, beauty parlor, jewelers car dealers, hotel management, confectioners, perfumes, valuable gemstones, weavers, artists, musicsts, dramatists, arts, dance, and tour and traveling.

Rahu Dominated Professional Career

The most horrible and mysterious planet of Vedic astrology is none other than Rahu. Rahu Dominated birth charts never think straight. Instead, the people always have a left going notion where others don’t dare to take a step. Speculators, waste-material dealers, drugs and medicines, researchers, and physicians are some of the job posts under Rahu Dominated Professional careers. 

It depends upon its intensity. In case, Rahu is playing an ill or disastrous role in your Kundli, you can emerge as a criminal or some sort of wrong doers. Then you will opt for magician, sweepers, leather, computer hardware areas, airlines, lawyers, WWE wrestlers, food technology, telephone, radio, environmental science, detective, and poisoned medicine, wireless technology, and event management organizations relating careers.

Saturn Dominated Professional Career

The planet of obstruction, hard work, misery, and Karma is the Saturn. It represents the misery of old ages. The career paths relating to Saturn are mining, buildings, real estate, labor, agriculture and any post related to human labor and hard work lies under this section.

Ketu Dominated Professional Career

Detachment and spirituality are the significant principles of Ketu and hence, it is completely opposite to the wrongdoing planet Rahu. The careers dominating spirituality including religion-head, poisons, religion, secret affairs, programming languages, zoology, meteorology, computer software, chemist, detective, occult, saints, medical, doctors, sweepers, leather, diplomats, microbiologists, preacher, healing medicines, and foreign language related careers lies in the Ketu ruling Kundli.

Wrapping Up

Hence this was all about the predictions of a professional career using Jathakam. A fully accurate horoscope report can give you solutions to all your professional career related problems. Our 60-page jathakam report includes your education, career, marriage, health, wealth, etc. So, don’t wait anymore. You are just a contact away to reach us and allow us to make your life cherishable by our Jathakam solutions.