The Importance of a Correct Birth Time for an Accurate Jathakam

What if we tell you that your personality development analysis depends upon your birth time? You must have come across the astrologers in Online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, Kannada and Hindi where they prepare the birth chart using birth time. It sounds strange but it is a fact that an astrologer can prepare your whole Kundli by using your accurate birth time in Jathakam.

After that, in-depth Jathakam analysis of your Kundli and predict all your future life events. Even the slightest difference in the timing of your birth can change the whole sense of your Kundli. In this article, we will explain the significance of accurate birth time for a correct Jathakam in Vedic astrology.

Significance of Birth Time in Vedic Astrology

You must have listened to phrases that say that a man’s destiny is written in heaven. Fate is already written somewhere that man has taken birth walking on what is pre-defined. A birth chart is a map of the personality characteristics of an individual.

It has 12 houses which form a chain from birth to death signifying different events of your life in an order. There are 12 astrological signs as the birth chart is considered as a circle (360°), which is divided every 30° representing 12 houses.

Ascendant is the rising sign hidden in your birth chart. Accurate birth time assists in finding out your ascendant. Ascendant is significant and it indicates the operations, structures, and beginning of certain life happenings. It is not possible to calculate ascendance without the correct birth time.

Similarly, social status, complete Jathakam with remedies, and career is calculated by analyzing the 10th house. Hence, an accurate birth time is necessary to calculate all such future predictions of an individual.


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What if you don’t know the exact birth time?

It is common that people can’t remember their exact birth time. It is not possible to calculate midheaven and rising signs without exact birth time as all of the 12 houses move pretty quickly and complete movement in a single day. So, how can you still predict your good times when there is no birth time?

Your Kundli can still be created with the help of your birthday date and exact birth place. The 10th house and rising signs are also affected by the individual’s birthplace.

But you have to make sure that there is no error in latitude. Even a one-degree error can display a half degree error in 10th house or rising signs. That’s why, accurate birthplace also has a great significance in Jathakam or Vedic astrology.

Kundli Creation by Using Accurate Birth Time

We can create your Kundli in a most effective manner by using your birth time or birth place. Not only Kundli Creation, we can also provide you with the analysis of your rising signs in our horoscope report. A fully accurate horoscope report will give you solutions to all your problems.

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