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A ‘Jathakam’ or Vedic birth chart, is drafted based on the planetary / star’s positions of Navagrahas around the Earth. Vedas, written in the ancient holy language – Sanskrit, is a repertory of ancient wisdom which people of the Indian subcontinent have been basing their lives on for millennia. Hinduism and several yogic sciences are based on the deep knowledge shared in the Vedas to finding the inner purpose of life which is called “Dharma”.

A Jathakam is the birth / natal chart that shows the planetary position at the moment of a person’s birth in Hindu astrology. It is charted based on the knowledge that the planetary positions of Navagrahas during one’s birth time can provide clues in finding unity with the inner self. When drafted properly, one’s jathakam can provide an astounding personality profile that can help fulfil their innermost dharma.


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The Birth / Natal Chart (Grahanila)

The Indian astrology system calculates one’s jathakam based on twelve Rashi’s. What are these Rashi’s?

As per Indian astrology, the sky is partitioned into twelve parts and are called Rashi’s. Each Rashi is on a 30-degree incline and houses 27 Nakshatras/stars. Each star is further divided into ‘Padas’. There are nine such divisions for each Rashi. Rashi chart is a graphical representation of Navagraha position during a person’s birth, which makes it easier to calculate further.

In current times where people are skeptical about nearly everything around them, and when ancient wisdom and practices are being looked down on, astrological practices too are not devoid from it. That being said, the fact that the Vedas are the powerhouse of knowledge does not change and hence overlooking ancient practices and wisdom only stops you from gaining whatever knowledge that was passed down through generations.

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One Stop Solution

For online English jathakam, we offer a few different options/services that explore the different
segments of English Jathakam. To name a few,

  1. Know my Star & BIrth Rashi – For those who don’t know about their star / Rashi, they can easily find that out by giving just the birth details.
  2. Super Horoscope with Remedies – With super Horoscope, we give you an insight into marriage, career, personality etc to name a few. Also, it includes possible remedies that can be taken like yantras, mantras, fasting etc.
  3. Year Guide & Annual Forecast – An Annual Horoscope is like a guideline that can be referred to before entering the waters so that we can be better prepared for probable happenings in the future.
  4. Career Prediction – Choosing a career path is the most difficult and crucial step one has to take. Our career prediction service assesses the planetary positions of various stars that are more related to one’s education and career to prepare a detailed chart that can help plan one’s career.
  5. Homams – Poojas performed for any deity by invoking Agni is a prominent religious offering in Hinduism.
  6. Vasthu Consultation – The traditional Hindu architectural system based on directional alignments and relation between the five elements of nature, takes advantage of the relationship between these and helps balance them with the person in a way that can benefit the person in more ways than one.
  7. Astrology Consultation – An experienced traditional astrological consultant can assist you to overcome the difficult situations that you may encounter.
  8. Baby Name Finder – As something that identifies a person, names need to be chosen wisely. The best option in selecting a name for your baby is to find one astrologically matching the baby’s birth stars.

The above listed are a few of the Online English Jathakam services provided by jathakam.org.
Each service lists the amount that needs to be paid to avail of those.

Online Jathakam

As the world shifted its focus online, so have astrological predictions. As astrology is a science and calculations are based on positions and times of stars, Online portals, making use of mathematical calculations, are able to generate astrological charts / jathakam as a professional astrologer would do. By going online, we are presented with the option of getting English Jathakam as well.

Online English Jathakam, as with jathakam prepared by traditional astrologers, is accurate to measure, owing to the fact that English Jathakams are generated using mathematical and computer logics. Finding a reliable portal among the many is a feat in itself, which is where www.jathakam.org comes into the picture. Making use of more precise mathematical calculations, we have perfected the art of sketching your future with just the birth details given as inputs.