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Tie your destiny and know your problems through It is a virtual opening that ensures remedial measures, pariharas which help you overcome any hazards that may come in your path of success. There are so many things to learn from Jathakam. It is unique as our thumbprint. And from ancient times Jathakam is concerned as part of the tradition. By interpreting and analyzing Jathakam, you can get to know your destiny and the obstacles you might face during your lifetime. is a modernized version of our traditional conventions. It is a revolutionary website to help Vedic Astrology believers around the world. makes your horoscope very simple by submitting the birth details. You are bound to foresee your exact future clearly well with the trusted LifeSign calculations. This online platform accurately detects the orientation of stars so as to decide your destiny. With more precise mathematical manipulations, the LifeSign horoscopes, over many decades, have acquired the faith of customers all over the world. What offers is not simply a clear sketch of your future ups and downs, but also curatives to avert stuff that may hinder the smooth course of your life – the pariharas (solutions).


Say bye to waiting for manually prepared Jatakam. It’s time to run with the new currents. With precise and accurate calculations generates accurate and authentic Jathakam online. Plan your new year with the detailed Year Guide and Annual Forecast through Jathakam with complete planetary details. also extends career prediction and options for knowing birth stars and birth Rashi. stands out as a complete resolution for all of your problems. It brings forth gem recommendation, and marriage compatibility proffers baby names in accordance with Jathakam, birth time, and Rashi. For the complete resolution of your problems, an astrology consultation and wealth & prosperity reports are also available.


No more worries about newborn baby names, is updated with newborn baby horoscopes and name suggestions. With proper astrological details, date of birth, and time provides distinctive and variants of names. Irrespective of geographic locations, this online astrology platform grants to find astrological details (horoscope) of your child.


You can easily grab your Jathakam without spending much time. is an astounding and revolutionary platform that enables sixty pages(pdf) of genuine horoscopes within 24 to 48 hours. is available in different languages including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.


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