Horoscope in English based on Zodiac Sign – Astrology Predictions 2019

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This will be a year of mixed fortunes for you. You should be vigilant to the negative impacts of the influences of Rahu that could affect you. There are possibilities for progress on the work and educational fronts. People who are expecting to get government employment can expect positive results.
There are possibilities that students can get good results in examinations. People who are born in Aries can achieve major gains in their work life this year. There are possibilities for promotions and increase in salaries.
Be more careful in financial dealings. There are possibilities of getting the blessings of the wealth-god towards the end of the year and gain financially.
This year looks to be favourable for people involved in romantic relationships. There could be marital discord because of the influence of Shani. You would be able to overcome if you are able to preserve the integrity of the loving relationship.


Individuals in Taurus will make major financial gains in 2019. There will be peace and strength in family life as this will be a year full of happiness. Students will have a very favourable year. There are chances for getting employed.
You should pay maximum attention to your job. People of Taurus are usually very hard working and there are chances of achieving new heights in their careers because of this.
There could be some issues on the health front, but these are not of major concern. As people of Idavom Rashi are fond of eating, there could be abdominal health problems due to careless and unhealthy eating.
This is the time of financial growth. You should be able to repay long-pending debts. This is a favourable time for purchasing a new property.
Marital life will progress with great happiness. Unmarried people born in Taurus could get married this year.


This is a critical year for people in Gemini. You should be very careful in financial and business dealings.
This is a year when you can make major financial gains. It would be good to take the advice of senior officers for rising up in your careers. People who are trying to change jobs should think properly before taking decisions. New ideas will pave way for growth in your careers.
Higher studies are possible for students. You may have to stay away from your homes to pursue your studies. The period between March and August is seen favourable for people who want to go abroad.
For those of you who are married, the marital life will be progressing well, but there are chances of your spouse falling ill. You should be very careful about health issues this year.


People of Cancer will have grown on business, financial and career fronts in this year. It is a favourable year for businesspeople to start new ventures. Even as there are possibilities of achieving growth in your careers, you should be careful to avoid arguments with your superior officers. There are possibilities for starting new business ventures. People intending to change jobs should only leave their present jobs only after getting new jobs.
It is generally a good time for students. Students who are appearing for entrance examinations to get into higher education could do well. You will have to work hard to achieve your goals.
Family life will be generally peaceful. Loving relationships will progress well. Good events like marriages could happen.


This is the time to gain wealth through innovative means. You will start seeing positive results of work that is done with confidence. This is a favourable time for those of you who want to build a home. This is a year when you can shine at your jobs. It is also a good time to change to a job to one that fetches a higher salary.
People of Leo should be commended for their abilities to achieve their goals. 2019 is a very favourable year for people of this Rashi. This is the year when you could achieve great heights in your careers.
Students should fully concentrate on their studies. They will also be able to shine in extracurricular activities.
This would be the year of fulfilment in romantic relationships for people of Chingom Rashi. It is possible that the desired marriage will happen.


Virgo people could hope that their luck would shine. It will be a year of mixed fortunes. You may have challenges on the health front. High blood pressure could create problems frequently, therefore, you should be very careful about your health this year.
There will be mixed results on the financial front. There could be financial gains during the earlier part of the year but the finances will be stretched towards the end of the year.
Students should concentrate more on their studies. They should consult elders for the right decisions before taking decisions regarding education.
During this phase, there is a possibility of a romantic relationship with a new friend of the opposite sex. You will create a new friend circle. Even then there are possibilities of some friends cheating you. You should be careful about bailing out friends from financial irregularities.


There will be famous because of the influence of Jupiter. On the health front, you will enjoy satisfactory health during the year. There will be positive outcomes and growth in your career if you do the work entrusted to you honestly. This year appears to be a good one for students. Hardworking students will attain great growth in relation to their education. There is a possibility of going abroad for further studies. Individuals trying for government jobs could be successful in getting a job.
There is a likelihood of small financial gain this year. Family life will be peaceful without any major disruptions or worries. Romantic relationships will progress well during this phase.
You will enjoy good health as no problems are foreseen in the coming year. The chances of going abroad for education are very high. Students can achieve success in exams only through hard work.


2019 is a very critical period of life for Scorpio individuals. There will be financial ups and downs during this year. Businesses will see good growth. There will be a good response from employees. There will be difficulties related to your job. It is therefore advisable to take a break at regular intervals. You should be careful about your health.
In your marital life, good and honest communication will help in avoiding marital discord. For those who didn’t get into a love relationship up until now, there is a chance of getting into a romantic relationship this year.
There is a possibility of getting a job abroad. Chances are presented to finish work that has been pending for a long time. There will be opportunities to visit holy places.


This year will a mix of good and bad for individuals of Sagittarius. It will be a favourable year for people desiring to build a home this year. There will be progress on the business front. People who start their own business can expect to get good returns. Professionals who work in other organizations can expect promotions and salary increments. Artists will get opportunities to shine in their respective field.
Students should apply their minds to their studies. You can expect good results in your exams if you worked hard.
It is better to avoid unnecessary arguments in marital life. For individuals looking to get married, this time proves favourable. Generally, marital life will be going forward well for people in this Rashi.


There is a possibility of growth in business this year. Health will not be satisfactory for the people in this Rashi. There will be important decisions to be taken this year. Decisions taken after thorough consideration will be fruitful. Luck will favour you this year.
There will be ups and downs in the financial front. Government employees could get the promotion. Individuals in this Rashi should be careful while spending money. There is a possibility of income coming down and expenses increasing. For married people, there will be a great attachment with your spouse. The support of your spouse will give you comfort during difficult times. Romantic relationships will culminate in marriages.


People in Aquarius can expect to hear very good news this year. They are very hard working people. There is a possibility of going abroad. There is also the possibility of the renovation of the house. Business-related financial transactions should be handled carefully. There is a possibility to excel in the real estate business. Ensure that correct decision are taken for success.
Students should concentrate more on their studies this year than the previous year. The intelligence of Aquarius people is commendable. Students opting for further studies should choose or select courses only after correct advice.


According to the horoscopes, the Pisces people will face financial difficulties this year. Unfulfilled desires will be fulfilled. There will be a mix of happiness and sadness in this year for the people in this zodiac sign. One should not lose hope or give up. There will the possibility of making gains in your career. For people looking for a new job, there will be many opportunities. The possibility of promotions and salary increment are foreseen.
This is a good year healthwise, chances of any major health issues are not seen. Even then, it is advisable to continue to follow a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.
It is a good phase for students. There is a possibility of an increase in wealth. Expenses should be controlled. Money should be spent only on essentials. It is a favourable time to buy property or change vehicles for a new one.
You will have to work hard to keep relationships from breaking apart. You will have a miraculous escape from the throes of destruction. In 2019, you will not have to wait for problems to be resolved.