Horoscope Matching for Marriage-Never Ignore 6 Important Factors

Horoscope Matching is given extreme importance before proceeding with an alliance according to Hindu beliefs. Before considering marriage, the horoscope of prospective bride and groom are given an in-depth analysis to check for marriage porutham. It is taken in the highest of regard to reassuring marital harmony between the two horoscopes that are being matched. As the horoscopes are charted according to scientific calculations based on the teachings of the great sages, it reflects the influence of planetary motion and the universal energies depending on the time and place of birth of a person. With matrimony in mind, it is never considered enough to match just the birth signs, but the zodiac compatibility which also covers planetary alignments are considered to gather enough insight into what the future has in the hold when the two horoscopes are joined in holy matrimony.

The strength of any marriage will depend on the nature of both the parties involved, which is why graha compatibility / Guna porutham is considered essential for having a successful married life.  While considering marriage compatibility, the nakshatras are matched. Along with that, there are a few different factors that need to be considered as well to ensure that the prospective bride and groom are compatible with each other. It is called Kundali matching / Guna Porutham in which all eight aspects / koota in the birth chart are considered and matched. Each koota return specific points which totals to 36 and a marriage compatibility is considered only for kundalis that has at least 18 points to its credit.

Horoscopes are proceeded further for marriage depending on the compatibility rating as follows:

Poor / Not recommended for Marriage: <18 points

Average / Acceptable: 18 to 24 points

Above Average / Best Match: 24 to 32 points

Ideal / Excellent Match: >32 (Uncommon)

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The factors include:

1. Longevity:

While analyzing horoscope for marriage matching, one of the most important points taken into consideration is the longevity of marriage between both the bride and groom. The life line of both the horoscopes are also studied in detail before proceeding further to analyzing other aspects in the horoscopes. The position of Jupiter and Saturn are studied in detail to understand this.

2. Health

For a good and peaceful life, health is extremely important. While matching horoscope for marriage compatibility, the health aspect is given equal weightage as that of longevity. Because if the chart shows a probability of ill health for any of the two horoscopes that are being matched, it is enough to negate the effects of prosperity between the two. The positions of Jupiter and Saturn in the horoscopes are studied in depth to analyze this aspect.

3. Finance

To have a stable and secure life, money is very important. Hence online kundali matching considers the financial aspects which are called daridra yogas in either of the horoscopes. To have an enriching and stable financial status, there must be a mutual harmony of Venus with Jupiter and Mars.

4. Future

One of the many aspects of online jathakam is to figure out what the future has in store for us by analyzing the horoscope. Not every person is born rich nor is every person who are born poor will end up being so till the end of days. While checking zodiac compatibility, it is essential to analyze the future prospects for the couple along with the other factors as well. The planetary positions considered are of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus.

5. Children

A marriage becomes fruitful and complete with the arrival of children. Hence no marriage compatibility is considered complete without studying the horoscopes for any afflictions to childbirth or Yoni Koota, which is about sexual compatibility. Even if one of the horoscopes shows affliction, the other must be one complementing the affliction and supercede it for it to be compatible. Th prepositions of Jupiter and Saturn  are studied in detail to understand it.

6. Mutual Understanding

Even when all the other factors are ideal including richness, prosperity, children and health, the one factor that  supersedes all of these is the mutual understanding between the couple. With all the other factors aligned if mutual understanding is absent, the married life will become torturous. Hence while checking the Jathaka  porutham, the mutual harmony between the prospective bride and groom should be analyzed from the charts. The charts should display a harmonious placement of the planets specifically – Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Rahu

These six factors are essential in finding the ideal compatibility between two prospective horoscopes and is more dependable than the Kundali matching done by taking up only Nakshatra’s or moon signs. This is the reason why marriage compatibility readings are done by analyzing the birth chart in detail rather than by matching just the Nakshatras.

If the chart analysis indicates a long, healthy and happy life, it can be considered ideal for marriage even if the scores are low.