Importance of Career Horoscope in Professional Life

In the current world of fierce professional battles, having a rewarding career is what everyone strives for. The one question worth investing one’s time and effort into is whether the career path chosen is best suited for you according to the birth charts. Every person’s favoured career aspects are mapped out in their birth chart with planetary alignments which can be understood by studying their career horoscope. Each planetary placement in an individual’s horoscope is powerful enough to shape up their destiny. Hence by studying that, there is a better possibility of understanding and analyzing an individual’s career-related astrological inclination.

Career astrology can be related to a blueprint, more like an astrological blueprint with pivotal information regarding an individual’s career, that can assist them in making better judgements and choices when it comes to their career. A person seeking significant growth in their career will always strive for it and work hard towards achieving their goal.

An in-depth insight into the career prospects of an individual can help understand the hindrances that are thrown to them in their career and ways to get over it or make it better. Career imbalance or rise and fall statistics in business etc can all be remedied by gaining an insight into what causes it.

However, if the career path one is in is something that the planets are not in favour of, regardless of all the efforts and hard work, they might not be getting the desired / satisfying results which can be quite a put-off. Career prediction is not just for understanding the right career choices for an individual but also suggesting remedial measures to ward off any negative planetary influences in an already chosen career path.

Understanding Career astrology predictions

As with any Vedic astrology predictions, the astrologer analyzes particular houses directly linked to the career domains in an individual’s career horoscope, its position and strength to understand the trajectory of one’s career. These planetary positions tell the tale of the most promising career options for an individual. It is analyzed by studying the positions of various planets and their influence on the persons’ Jathakam.

The first house or the ascendant in astrological charts is the most important as it depicts the person himself. Hence the lord of the first house is given equal importance while analyzing the birth charts. The house or bhava in an individual’s horoscope that points to their career and status is the 10th house. By analyzing this bhava, a lot of information relating to career can be understood. Along with the analysis of the 10th bhava, the Rashi and planets are studied in detail that can help in revealing career potentials as suggested by the prominent planetary positions in the Jathakam. Understanding the strong house, strong planet and sign according to an individuals’ natal chart is essential in ascertaining their potential and the career that is destined as per the planetary positions as well. Planets are distributed among the elements – fire, water, air and earth which describes a lot about the individuals’ temperament. The professional houses in a persons’ chart are 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house. The 10th house is also known as Dashamamsa.

The planets that are placed in the houses in an individual’s birth chart are termed as lords of the houses. Hence the planet in the 10th house has the ability to foretell the career path the person can undertake to have positive career growth and prosperity.



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By having an insight into the most suitable career prediction by date of birth, one can concentrate their time, effort and energy in accomplishing a career in those identified fields that are promising and rewarding, rather than the ones where all efforts go in vain without any rewards which will only end up demotivating in the long run. The positive factor in choosing a career path backed by a planetary position is that efforts and hard work will be directly proportional to the accomplishments and growth in a career.

Career predictions can help understand how an individual’s career will shape up or what all the career options can be given a try. It helps understand the career flow and advantages in following through with the suggested career flow. In every individual’s life, there are phases called dasha-apaharas which creates periods that are favourable and unfavourable. While analyzing the career horoscope dasha-apaharas are also studied along with other factors to have a deeper understanding of favourable and unfavourable periods in career and in business. Each of the nine astronomical bodies controls each dashas. The planetary positions in an individuals birth chart determine the varied impact of the shift in their positions.

Career predictions can also identify the characteristic attributes of an individual which can be used as a guideline in refining one’s character to best suit career growth. In a person’s Jathakam, there are innumerable yogas that has a direct influence on wealth, prosperity and career. Career horoscope report analyzes the planetary positions and bhavas to identify the prevalent yogas for career and charts predictions based on it.