Magical Power of Gemstones which bring Good Health

Gemstones are fossilised crystals formed by minerals or organic materials and have been in use across continents for spiritual and healing purposes. Apart from the fact that the polished gemstones were beautiful and rare, it was considered special due to the healing properties each stone exudes. Considering the influence these gemstones possess on the life of its wearer, the online Jathakam English service assists you in getting the right gemstone recommended to you according to the birth details provided. In Vedic Astrology, gemstones hold specific magnitude and had been used by Kings or people who held higher ranks in society to ward off any negativities. As per Vedic Astrology, the nine natural gemstones represent the nine planets.

● Ruby (Manikya) – Represents the Sun(Also known as King of gemstones)
● Pearl (Moti) – Represents the Moon
● Coral (Moonga) – Represents Mars
● Emerald (Panna) – Represents Mercury
● Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – Represents Jupiter
● Diamond (Heera) – Represents Venus
● Blue Sapphire (Neelam) – Represents Saturn
● Hessonite (Gomed) – Represents Rahu
● Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya) – Represents Ketu

gem stones
To decide on a suitable gemstone and get a gemstone recommendation, the astrologers consider the colour, hardness, inclusion, mineral composition, chemical component and crystal system as each of the elements has its own impact on the life of the wearer. Gemstones impart their influence by emitting radiations and vibrations that can positively impact our lives.

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In gemstone astrology, each gemstone has its associated health benefit. Navaratna (Nine gems) are a classification of these gems which are used mostly for remedial purposes. Amber which is formed from the hardened resin of pine trees which occurs naturally in yellow, brown or red colour is believed to cure headaches and stress. It is also believed to purify and cleanse the system by bringing the ailment off the body which helps heal the person wearing the gemstone. The crystals help channelize energy from our body and in turn focus on healing it inside out. The vibrations and energy emanating from the crystals help us in a similar manner to that of aromatherapy by uplifting the mood, health and mental energy in a positive manner.

To identify the right gemstone via Jathakam online, we need to understand the motive of the individual to seek a gemstone recommendation. Once the requirement is identified, we check for the planetary alignment as per the birth details provided. Identify the strengths of the individual by diving deep into the planetary alignments. Having found the root cause of the problems and analysing the strengths, we focus on the immediate future which is around five years from now and the planetary alignments and movements during that period and try to suggest a healing stone that can focus and try to improve the key problems in that period. Even Though an immediate overturn of events is not possible, gemstone astrology uses its knowledge in calculating a few different factors and coming up with a solution that can rather improve the situations over time. Placing trust in the
process of healing is rather important when we are dealing with channelling energies and re-routing them. Involve oneself on a spiritually enriching journey to help refill our spiritual energy with positivity. While looking for gemstones, there are certain factors that need to be considered for it to be effective.
They are:

● The gemstone needs to be natural and untreated to improve its appearance.
● The jewellery holding the gemstone needs to be designed in such a manner that the
gemstones are in contact with the wearer's body.
● Transparent gemstones should at least weigh more than or equal to 2 carats and
opaque gemstones pearl and turquoise should ideally weigh around 3 to 10 carats
for it to emanate its true nature.
● The efficiency of the gemstone depends on cut, clarity, colour and carat (the 4 c's).
● Gem recommendation from Jathakam online service is based on the sacred
principles of Jyothisha which is carefully calculated to match the credentials of the
As opposed to gold ornaments where carats refer to their purity, when it comes to gemstones, carat is a mere unit to denote the measurement of its weight. Its purity depends on the 4 c’s and the conditions under which it was mined. The spectrum colours in the sunlight have a significant influence on the power a gemstone displays. Gold, Silver, Copper or Aluminium can be used to ornate gemstones. For the gemstone to be able to have an impact, we need to keep it dirt free. Ensure not to wear a damaged gemstone. There are certain things that need to be paid attention to while wearing gemstones. While wearing a combination of multiple gemstones, ensure that all the gemstones fall under the friendly planets. Eg. Ruby, Red Pearl and Yellow Sapphire can be worn together as they fall under friendly planets, so are Emerald, Blue Saphire and Diamond. Garnet Stone and Cat’s Eye which belongs to Sun and Saturn respectively should never be worn together, so are Ruby and Yellow Saphire. The gemstones as per our birth chart also known as birthstones are believed to be beneficial for us, as our energies are well aligned to that of the stone. Hence it will help magnify the energy level which in turn influences the environment towards a favourable outcome. The birthstone, being connected to a person’s astrological sign, works as a healing stone for the body, mind and soul. To summarize, the gemstones help strengthen the positive vibes in our life which can be analyzed by studiying astrological chart and bring down the negative vibes if any.