Jathakam and Compatibility: How Jathakam Can Help Determine a Compatible Partner

Traditionally, the partner in marriages used to have at least 8-11 years of age gaps. In Jathakam, it is believed that the partners should have a huge age gap so that one partner’s rashi and nakshatra doesn’t affect the other. Nowadays, partners used to have only 1-2 years of age gap which signifies that one partner’s action will affect and be similar to the other.

If one person is aggressive, then his/her partner will also be aggressive and chances of misunderstanding, break ups, and divorces increase in such cases. A full marriage compatibility report containing online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi can reveal all such factors affecting a person’s marriage.

36 Guna Ponthana for a Fruitful Marriage

Guna ponthana signifies the compatibility of grahas(planets) which is a necessary factor for a happy marriage. There is a tradition of matching Kundli or Graha Ponthana of opposite sexes before marriage.

Koota are the 8 factors mentioned in the Kundli with specified points. All points together form a total of 36 points on which the compatibility in a particular marriage is measured. It is necessary to match at least 18 points in partners to proceed further in life. These 8 factors include:

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This factor measures compatibility on the basis of person falling in one of these animal categories:

  • Chatushpada (little animals such as deer)
  • Vanachara (wild animals like tiger and lion)
  • Nara (human)
  • Keetaka (Insects)
  • Jalachara (Sea animals such as fish)

It calculates the dominance of any person in a particular relationship based on the nature of animal analogue to the nature of person. If vashays guba pothna of each other matches, the attraction, interaction, and equation between partners remain harmonious. Two points have been given to Vashya.

Jaati / Varna

This is the place where the ego of a person arrives. This graha pothana proposes upto what extent a person is inclined in a particular marriage. Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya, and Brahmana are the four Varnas written in history. This also signifies the spiritual compatibility of a girl and a boy and the impact of self esteem on their relationship. Only one point has been given to the Varna Graha Pothna.


Mutual love and intimacy is measured according to this graha. It indicates who, between wife and husband, will be more inclined in approaching each other after the marriage. It is divided into fourteen animals including cow, cat, dog, lion, horse, buffalo, snake, sheep, monkey, mongoose, deer, elephant, deer, and tiger. For instance, if one partner’s graha signifies dog and another signifies cat, it indicates that both of them are going to fight throughout their married life. Four points have been given to Yoni.


Tara which is also known as birth star signifies the time or lifespan of a particular relationship. There are 27 stars including Ashwani and Revathi. Three points have been given to Tara in which it is calculated upto what extent the couple understand each other.


Behavior differences and temperament is calculated in Gana. Six points are allotted to Gana. The three Ganas include: Rakshasa (Demon, indicating Tamo guna – darkness and inertia), Manava (Human, indicating Rajo guna – motion and passion), and Deva (god, indicates sattva guna – goodness, bliss, and light).

Graha Maitri

Five points are allocated to Graha Maitri. As its name suggests, it decides the mental compatibility of individuals towards the family of their partner. It signifies bonding, affection, and natural friendship between the family members.


Reproduction, mental, and physical health is considered in Nadi graha. Eight points are allotted to Nadi. These Nafis include Anthya Nadi (Kapha), Madhya Nadi (Pitta), and Aadi Nadi (Vata).


Boy’s planets are installed in distinct houses in accordance to the girl’s birth chart. Emotional attachment and love is measured in Rashi. All the twelve zodiac signs together indicate marriage compatibility. Seven points have been alloted to Rashi.

Wrapping Up

A fully accurate marriage compatibility report will give you solutions to all your problems. This jathakam report includes your proposals and fruitful advice on education, career, marriage, health, wealth, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Get your marriage compatibility report and decide your life partner accordingly.