Jathakam for Newborns: Understanding Your Baby's Birth Chart and Future

Do you know that each house of your birth chart in Jathakam represents your gain, loss, love life, and career predictions? All you need to do is to understand your baby horoscope thoroughly.

Several Online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi suggest methods to analyze complete jathakam with remedies. In this article, we will introduce you to the fact that you can understand your birth chart using houses, trinities, and planets. Let’s dive in to find out your child’s horoscope.

Understanding Baby Horoscope Using Planets

The indepth Jathakam studies 9 planets including Sun, Venus, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Planets and Child’s Strengths

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Moon usually have a positive impact on houses in Vedic Astrology. The moon is the indication of motherhood. If it is present in the 5th house, you will give birth to more children, and hence a large family.

On the other hand, if Jupiter is present in the 9th house, there are chances that you can become a guru or spiritual teacher. Mercury often indicates your careers as a communicator and makes you proficient in dexterity, communication skills, playfulness, curiosity and intelligence. If Venus is present in your 10th house, then you will have a harmonious love life full of sex, love, happiness, and sensual desires.

Planets and Child’s Weaknesses

Ketu, Rahu, Saturn, Mars, and Sun are the evil planets for your child’s horoscope. Moon and Sun’s orbit intersect at points Ketu and Rahu forming an eclipse. This dissipates negative energy which is then handled by expert astrologers to reduce its harsh conclusion on children’s life.

Mars usually indicates that your child will get ill-mannered friends. He/she will be more biased towards eating junk food if Mars resides in the 6th house. While the Sun in your 12th house indicates that you have higher chances to get into debt.

The 4th house in Saturn indicates that you will have a tiring old age. Instead of cherishing retirement plans, you will work hard to survive. Ketu in the 7th house indicates fights and disagreements in relationships. Rahu relates to your psychiatry, which will make it difficult for you to trust people.

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Understanding Baby Horoscopes using Trinities

Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet. The following trinities and the position of houses determines the future of a child:

Artha Trinity and Financial Status

To know if your child is going to be a rich person, you need to focus on 10th, 6th, and 2nd houses. The 10th house indicates fame, reputation, and social standing. The 6th house indicates health, nutrition, and food. While the 2nd house indicates financial comfort, inheritance, and possessions.

Kama Trinity and Relationship Status

If you are interested in knowing about your child’s love life, the 11th, 7th, and 3rd houses will assist in doing so. These houses indicate business, families, and harmonious relationships between partners. The 11th house is responsible for maintaining close relations and income. The 7th house is for marriage and business relationships. The 3rd house is for developing your communication skills with your siblings.

Dharma Trinity and Life Purposes

The 9th, 5th, and 1st house is dedicated to spirituality. Whenever your child is stuck with the question of what to do next, he/she can freely depend upon these houses to get aware of their destiny. The Sagittarius or 9th house indicates your religious belief, level of intelligence, and higher learning. While the 5th house indicates areas including children, sexuality, romance, and heart. The 1st house indicates appearance, ego, and your own self.

Moksha Trinity and Enlightenment

Moksha in English means enlightenment. The Moksha trinity is concerned about spirituality and destiny after your retirement or in old age. The 12th, 8th, and 4th house has a relation with signs of water which are built for this trinity.

The Pisces or 12th house indicates losses and gains and assures if you are going to stay on your own or somebody else’s expenses. On the other hand, 8th house is related to sex and death. It is the indication of imprisonment and any kind of bearable suffering in your life.

It also suspects the kind of obstacles you are going to overcome. The 4th house is responsible for observing comfort, property, and luxury in your old age. Although the 8th and 12th houses brings negativity and losses in life, the 4th house overcomes the sadness and brings prosperity.

Wrapping Up


Hence, this was all about understanding your newborn’s birth chart. A fully accurate horoscope report can give you every prediction about your child’s destiny. Our 60-page jathakam report includes your baby’s education, career, marriage, health, wealth, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to obtain a detailed horoscope report of your dear child.