An Overview of the Different Types of Astrology Chart

Have you ever wondered why the astrology charts of different astrologers are different irrespective of your same horoscope? This is because there are various kinds of astrology charts for online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi.

But that doesn’t mean that they have different meanings. It is only the formats that are changed whereas the fortune of all offline and online horoscopes remains unaffected. In this article, you will come across all of these different types of astrology charts. Let’s dive in to explore all these varieties of astrology charts.

1. North Indian Astrology Chart

north Indian astrology chart

North Indian astrology chart is known to be the easiest format of astrology charts and is observable for a beginner. In this kind of chart, the position of Lagna never changes. The Lagna remains analogous to the zodiac signs.

For instance, if the moon is cobwebbed in a particular zodiac sign, it signifies the Raja Yoga or ruling illustrations. It means the person is going to rule a community. Moreover, if Saturn is cobwebbed in any zodiac sign, it represents career and marital life. Government jobs and businesses are all jotted down in this easily abstracting north Indian astrology chart. The houses are figured in an anticlockwise direction in north Indian astrology chart configurations.

2. South Indian Astrology Chart

south Indian astrology chart

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The south Indian astrology chart is wholly opposed to the north Indian format of astrology charts. In the North Indian format, the Lagna doesn’t change its position while rasis move around Lagna.

On the other hand, in the South Indian chart format, the rasis remains in a fixed position while Lagna moves all around the house. For example, if Lagna was at the bottom in the North Indian format, then it would be at the top in the South Indian format.

The houses are figured in a clockwise direction in south Indian astrology chart configurations. Since these are not exceedingly divisional charts, it is hard for beginners to understand. The Pisces always remains positioned in the top left corner of the chart. An official astrologer’s help is often required in this case.

3. Kerala Astrology

Kerala astrology

Popular Vedic astrology is an ethical science that took birth in the vogue of Vedas. Kalidasa, Garga, Varaha Mihira, Maharishi Parshara, and Aryabhhata play an important role in forming the concept of Vedic astrology. Its horoscope charts revolve around the 8 planets and 27 constellations.

The constellation starts from Aswini and ends in Revathy. It signifies 12 signs all over the solar system from Aries to Pisces. Kerala has a huge contribution to Vedic astrology because it proposed the prominent prasna manga popularly called Aryabhatiya. Kerala is also known for its major acknowledgment and dedication towards Vastu Shastra.

4. East Indian Astrology Chart

east indian astrology chartIn this kind of horoscope, the position of Lagna remains to change, similar to the south Indian astrology setup. The rasis get fixed while Lagna revolves around the houses. It can be called as somewhat a mixture of both north Indian and south Indian astrology charts. East Indian astrology charts also have fixed houses at the corner of the indexes. It is also called a Rashi-centric arrangement. It is difficult for beginners to count houses in this chart.

 Do I need a professional to read my astrology chart?

Hence, this was all about the different kinds of astrology charts. We conclude that although we are now well aware of the types of astrology charts, this information is not sufficient to properly read your horoscope. That’s why professional help from any popular astrologer is crucial for a clear career manifestation.