What Kinds of Plants Must be in Your Yard Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What if we say plants also affect your destiny in positive and negative ways? Yes! You read that right. A plant favoring your zodiac sign brings positive energy, enhances your fortune, and keeps away adverse souls. Every zodiac sign has its parent plant which ensures the optimistic strength of an individual.

In the Online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi, there’s mention of plants assigned to a particular zodiac trace person. Do you know what your parent plant is? Let’s dive in to see which plant seeds you need to add to your garden area to favor your riches.


The Aries is fearless, having inborn fire and energy like a tiger. This hot energy is diluted by thorns and pickles. That’s why Succulents and Cacti are the plants that favor Aries Jathakam and neutralize the optimistic, magnetic, and driven personality of Aries inhabitants.


Taurus individuals are known for their natural affection, love and beauty. That heartleaf philodendron flower is the perfect match for Taurus. This flower always needs extra care. It should face sunlight and get moisturized every day. It can fill up the whole garden about growing upto 8 feet long.


Gemini has an affection for breezy stuff. When it comes to a breezing happy plant, English ivy is one of the most satisfying hanging plants, enough to make a Gemini’s mood jubilant. Make sure the plant receives moderate light while hanging in decorative pretty baskets of Geminis.


Individuals having cancer as their zodiac signs are pretty emotional. They value their families and just love being homely and comely. That’s why money plants suit Cancer which has deep roots signifying deep connections with fellow individuals.


Low-signifying lions are always royal in their identity. That’s why they should have something that indicates their royalty. Dee red Amaryllis blossoms are the perfect match for king Leos.

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Virgo looks over details and believes in extra care for every single detail. The albeit finicky bananas are known to be a companion plant of their parent Virgo.


Libra is analogous to Taurus in some manner because both are governed by the planet Venus. Libra loves to be gentle, considerate, and kind. Gladiolus is ideal for Libra which also indicates the will identify good and bad, justice, peace, and love.


Scorpio loves being gloomy and mysterious. Hence, snake plants opt for scorpions being indestructible. The only care snake plants need is to get protected from being overwatered.


Alocasia plant indicates the inquisitive but free and conventional nature of a being. That’s why it is the perfect fit for Sagittarius who are just wild souls and wandering animals.


Have you ever seen a bonsai? It is always standing in a punishment plant yet not tired. Similarly, Capricorns are also strict towards discipline yet intelligent souls who never compromise with their principles. Hence, bonsai are generally paired with Capricorn individuals.


Aquarius is focused on a particular and also loves exploring and learning new things. That’s why Photos are usually matched with Aquarius. Pothos plants are long and wide trailing leaves having developing personalities like Aquarius.


The sensitive nature of Pisces demands no thorny but beautiful and calming plants in their home. A Jasmine plant emphatic, sympathetic and lovely nature of Pisces.

Wrapping Up

Hence, this was the list of plants and their parent zodiac signs. Just try keeping the plants in your home according to your zodiac sign, and observe the positive frequency entering into your soul. You can also opt for a 60-page Jathakam report which includes your education, career, marriage, health, wealth, and detailings about your plant welfare.