Wealth Astrology: Know Your Financial Fortune

Our parents have to pay money even during our birth. Today the whole world is money-oriented, and hence everybody wants to know the monetary situation of their destiny. Do you know that your birth chart houses can clearly explain the finance-related situations in your fortune in Vedic astrology via wealth astrology? But what is wealth astrology? The assessment of wealth or resources based on positions of houses in a particular individual’s birth chart is known as wealth astrology.

Wealth astrology is available offline and Online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi. In this article, we will introduce you to the aspects by which you can find out your wealth doom. We also present some live examples which signify that astrology is accurate and presents what is written in your destiny. Let’s dive in to explore the wealth of Jathakam.

Which planet signifies wealth in fortune?

Venus and Jupiter are the two planets that signify wealth in our fortune. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and it also has the biggest impact on the prosperity of the people. It indicates when and how you can expand your property and achieve results.

On the other hand, Venus represents how comfortable and passionate the person’s life is. If both of these planets are influenced by wealth-related houses, then the person enjoys a prosperous life. Other than Jupiter and Venus, Moon and Mercury also play a significant role in determining the wealth and fortune of an individual.

Which house shows which kind of wealth you have or you may obtain?

There are a total of 4 houses that illustrate wealth in destiny. These are the 2nd house, 9th house, 10th house, and 11th house. The 2nd house indicates the wealth your ancestors had left for you. The 9th house represents luck in terms of money. The 10th house signifies the sources from where you can obtain wealth.

It can either be your current employment or through side businesses or resources. While the 11th house mostly represents the profit you can get through a particular service. There is also a factor called Lagna or Ascendant determining our physical existence. If Ascendant combines with specifically the 2nd, 9th, and 11th house in the birth chart, it indicates the wealthiest fortune of the person.



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How to identify Dhana Yoga in the birth chart?

Several factors together determine the Dhana Yoga in the birth chart of an individual. Dhana yoga occurs in the following cases:

  • The second house lord and Lagna lord come together
  • The fifth house lord and Lagna lord come together
  • Eleventh lord house and Lagna lord come together
  • The eleventh house lord and second house lord come together
  • The sign of the fifth and second house lords interacts
  • The sign of the ninth and fifth house lord interacts
  • Lord of fifth and eleventh house signs interacts
  • Lord of the eleventh and ninth house signs interacts

In all of the above-mentioned cases, Dhana Yoga brings prestige, income, and a prosperous life.

What about getting an astrology report?

An accurate report from a professional astrologer can answer all your questions related to wealth and other aspects of your life. We have a 60-page Jathakam report that introduces every insight and possible solution to keep up the prosperity in your life.

This well-constructed report includes career, marriage, education, health, wealth, and everything. So, what are you waiting for? Get an accurate indepth jathakam report that helps in determining the wealth factor in your birth chart and relish a wealthy fortune.