Yearly Horoscope Prediction 2023: Based on your zodiac sign

Your horoscope has already been created in Vedic astrology before the new year begins. With Jathakam, you can know beforehand about your horoscope via online Jathakam in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi.

Are you excited to know if all the planetary positions are in favor of your horoscope 2023 or not? Do you want to know about your love life, professional life, or marital life? If yes, dive in with Jathakam to take a glance at your horoscope 2023 according to your zodiac sign.


This year is quite fruitful in terms of finances for Aries. The ruler of your sign, Mars, is going to rule in retrograde motion in the second house ruled by Taurus. You will have to take care of your actions and speech to prevent grudges in relationships.


This year is quite challenging for Taurus because Rahu is sitting in the twelfth house. There is the possibility of visiting abroad in the middle of the year. You can also experience financial crises in May and August.


Jupiter will bring financial stability to the life of Geminis but they will face financial and health issues. This year will enhance your love and family relationships and will also resolve the old conflicts coming over the years.


The zodiac sign together will get you converted into a goat in the eleventh house and make you financially strong this year. You can invest in real estate. However, your mental health and love relationships may suffer after January 17, as Dhaiya will begin as soon as Saturn will enter the eighth house.


Saturn living in Leo’s sixth house is somewhat creating favorable situations. Leo will appear as a strong being and not let their enemies defeat them in 2023. Brihaspati Maharaj will be with you to make you strong but at the same time, cause a financial crisis.


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Mars in the ninth house indicates upcoming positive experiences of this year. Saturn will enhance your romantic relationships. Being a student, hard work will pay you well by the end of this year.


The indications are that Libra will be able to buy a new car or a home at the beginning of this year. Romantic relationships are under threat this year. If you guys truly love each other, the relationship will survive, otherwise, things tend to fall apart.


You can take risks in your businesses as Saturn is residing in the third and fifth house creating fruitful outcomes of business threats. Your children are likely to achieve milestones in studies this year.


Shani Maharaj is residing in a second house since the beginning of this year. As soon as he moves to the third house in the next month, you will experience the strength and courage to put in the effort and you will achieve success in the end. Health-related issues might bother you this year.


Saturn is moving towards the second house, indicating financial stability in the destiny of Capricorn. Other planets may influence your confidence as an individual being but your children will perform well in academics.


Financial stability and positivity will bless Aquarius in the year 2023. Your foreign business relations will enhance and you are likely to achieve 32 successes this year. You will be able to achieve a perfect work-life balance and there are possibilities of a short-distance religious journey in May.


2023 is the year of both achievements and difficulties for Pisces. Jupiter will help you make all your big life decisions. Saturn will enter your horse in the middle of the year, which can cause eye pain, foot pain, foot injuries, excessive sleep, and watery eyes.

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